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June 7, 2023

When You Feel Hidden & Unseen

Episode 17: Amy Savin

When You Feel Hidden & UnseenAmy Savin
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Have you ever felt unseen?

In 2022, singer-songwriter and worship pastor Amy Savin found herself in a season of hiddenness for an entire year. After all her tour dates and income came to a halt in 2020, God led her to a worship pastor position in 2021 and then to take a step back entirely from social media in 2022.

In that year of being unseen, God ministered to her grieving heart, and she re-evaluated her relationship with social media.

If you've ever felt hidden and unseen, you're in good company. Jesus spent most of his life hidden. David was hidden in the fields before God brought Him to the palace.

Whether God calls you to a time of hiddenness or a season of stepping out, follow His leading with all your heart. No season is better than the other. God sees you where you are. When you're faithful to His calling, He celebrates you even when no one else is watching.

Tune in to gain heaps of encouragement from Amy and to hear the story behind her newest single, "Like Cargo."

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