July 1, 2022

Unfollow Fear

Episode 6: Christine Paddock

Unfollow FearChristine Paddock
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Christine Paddock talks about how worship helped her take her eyes off herself and onto God. It led her to unfollow fear as she overcame perfectionism and shyness. She eventually put out her first single in 2021, entitled "Strange Times," and reminds us that you are NOT too old to start releasing your songs. This episode will inspire you to unfollow fear in your own life too!

Connect with Christine: https://christinepaddock.com/ 

Hear her new single "Strange Times": https://youtu.be/Rd_7XUi9q0Y 

Download the "Christian Guitar Girls Practice Plan" ebook: https://www.christianguitargirls.com/practiceplan 

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