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November 1, 2022

The God Who Sees

Episode 10: Marika Siewert

The God Who SeesMarika Siewert
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Marika Siewert is a Vancouver-based recording artist, songwriter, actor, producer, and director whose heart is to create collaboration amongst the artist community in Canada and new opportunities for women of colour in music and film. She strives to inspire all people to live out their God-given dreams so others can experience His love and hope in our nation and world.

In this conversation, she shares her experience as a Christian in the entertainment industry, trusting God for the right doors to open, and her struggles as a woman of colour in the music and entertainment industries.

She encourages us with the story behind her new single "Every Dream (God Who Sees)," which she wrote and sang with Brian Doerksen. We have a loving God who sees us and our dreams even when others don't.

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