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November 10, 2023

Bloom Where You're Planted

Episode 21: Heidi Riddell

Bloom Where You're PlantedHeidi Riddell
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Virginia-based singer-songwriter Heidi Riddell grew up surrounded by music as her parents led worship at her local church. She accepted Christ into her life at 6-years-old, but her journey with God genuinely became her own after she stepped into motherhood.

After the birth of her second child, she felt the Lord drawing her into music and songwriting. The door opened up for her to work with CCM artist Morgan Cryar, who gave her the best advice: "Bloom where you're planted." Now, she focuses on being faithful with the resources and spaces God has given her, surrendering her dreams to God so that her will aligns with His.

Listen in for encouragement for your ministry and solid advice for your songwriting. Let God grow and refine you wherever He has you today.

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