Alana Smith

Right Where You Need to Be

Episode 9: Alana Smith

Rachelle Luk

God Redeems Our Pain

Episode 8: Rachelle Luk

Jaylene Johnson

Songwriting: What Makes a Good Song?

Episode 7: Jaylene Johnson

Christine Paddock

Unfollow Fear

Episode 6: Christine Paddock

Lisa Waites

A Song for Ukraine

Episode 5: Rev. Dr. Lisa Waites (Part 2)

Lisa Waites

Obstacles Can't Stop the Call of God

Episode 4: Rev. Dr. Lisa Waites (Part 1)

Sarah Oladi

Giving Our Whole Selves to God

Episode 3: Sarah Oladi

Tammy Anderson

The Joy of Obedience

Episode 2: Tammy Anderson

Chelsea Amber

Why did I start the CGG Podcast?

Episode 1: My Guitar Story